1.1 Minimum Age to Play

Our online casino only accepts players who are at least 18 years of age and uses all available methods to prevent attempts by minors to register and play on our site. The casino reserves the right to request proof of identity and, if the player has not reached the legal playing age, access to the site will be denied immediately.

1.2 Protection of Minors

However, we are aware that due to the wide availability and nature of the Internet, minors may be able to register and play at an online casino. Therefore, we strongly encourage parents to cooperate in protecting their children from free access to gaming websites. Special software can help in this regard. Please visit the following websites for more information:

2 Need a Break?

2.1 Game as Entertainment

Playing at an online social casino should always be about entertainment. However, there are those who may find themselves on a lucky streak and decide to go elsewhere and play for real money. Before doing so, it is important to understand that gambling should never be seen as a source of income or debt recovery.

2.2 Preventive Measures

If, during or after playing on our site, you decide to try your luck at a “real money” gaming site, we strongly advise you to consider several measures that may help, such as stopping playing social casino games or engaging in any other similar simulated games.

2.2 Self-assessment

You should take this quiz to determine if you are prone to “real money gambling” before play on our website.